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QR Codes in Restaurants During COVID-19

The use of QR codes in restaurants is NOT a novelty. However, given the complicated situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, it seems as though we have to reinvent the wheel every day.

The new paradigm generated by the Coronavirus has no doubt made us think about those little “things” surrounding us that we now seem to have rediscovered.

Little things like the chirping of birds, walks in nature, a … Leer más

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Códigos QR para el control del coronavirus COVID-19 en China

QR Codes for control of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in China

China hasset up a Covid-19 coronavirus control system based on the use of an app for cell phones and QR codes.

Keeping the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in check in a country so vast and with so many millions of inhabitants appears to be an impossible challenge.

For this reason, China, in a strong bid to use technology and mobile devices, has launched a system based on Big … Leer más

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