Mejores lectores de códigos QR

QR code readers

To read a QR code, you must have a reader installed in the terminal from which you can perform the reading.

The terminal must have logically from camera, as readers made ​​the capture using camera terminal.

There are currently many QR readers for major manufacturers of terminals and systems, all of them free and ofering good user experience.

In the following list we have compiled the most popular readers QR Codes, if we‘ve missed one (sure if !!) and you want to help make this list you can add your comments.


UpCode Reader

UpCode offers a perfect QR reader for Nokia Symbian terminals. The reader works great with cameras with autofocus and interacts perfectly with the terminal and especially playing with QR Vcards.

Upcode, like Beetag Reader, also reads Datamatrix codes and unidirectional codes, characteristics which give it great versatility. The download can be done directly from the phone via sms or download to your computer.

Lectores de códigos QR. descraga UPCode
QR Code for download

Download Url:


I.nigma Reader

Probably the most popular and support for a wide range of handsets and platforms reader. This reader can share read code easily via sms, social networks like Facebook or Twitter or screen shows the QR in order to be read again from another terminal.

It can be downloaded through the App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World

QR Code de descarga iNigma
QR Code for download

Download Url:


QuickMark Reader

One of the most popular readers for all types of platforms. Customer support for terminals with iOS, Android, Windows Phone / Mobile and Symbian.

The reader can also be downloaded from the App Store, Android Market and Windows Phone Market Place.

Descargar QuickMark usando este Código QR
QR Code for download

Download Url:

Kaywa Reader

It is a very popular reader (now a bit outdated) with support for Nokia Symbian system terminals, and other terminals that support Java as Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericson. The latest version features indicate that support for Windows Mobile.

Allows download via SMS, directly from the mobile and the computer.

QR Code de descarga de Kaywa
QR Code for download

Download Url: