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Fill the following barcode generator form. In case of doubt, follow the attached instructions.

Barcode generator instructions

  1. Select the Barcode to generate. You can see the characteristics of each barcode type in the following section.
  2. Use the data field to enter the numerical or alphanumeric information to encode depending on the type selected.
  3. Press the button – GENERATE BAR CODE –
  4. Download the generated code or use the copy / paste option to use the generated barcode.

Characteristics of barcodes supported by our Barcode Generator

If you want to generate a QR or Datamatrix Code use our QR code generator or Datamatrix Generator.This generator allows you to make one-dimensional barcocodes of the following types:

EAN 8 / EAN 13

They are two types of numerical barcodes used in Europe (they do not accept letters), the acronym EAN corresponds to European Article Number and their main use is for encoding articles barcodes for public sale (those that carry mainly the products in supermarkets).

The length is fixed at 8 and 13 digits respectively, of which the last digit represents a check digit or checksum. The EAN13 composition has the first 3 digits for the country of origin, four to five digits below to identify the manufacturer and the last three to identify the product.


The UPC (Universal Product Code) is homologous to EAN 13, but used in the United States and Canada. It is a numerical type barcode and is mainly used for product coding. There are two modalities UPC-A and UPC-E.

Code 39

Also known as Code 3 of 9, it is an alphanumeric barcode type with a variable length. It allows to generate a barcode that includes numbers, capital letters and some type of special character such as spaces, hyphens, bars.

Code 128

It is a barcode similar to the Code of 3 of 9, but with the difference that it incorporates a check digit or checksum to give more reliability to the code reading.

Currently called GS1-128 (formerly EAN 128), it allows encoding alphanumeric characters plus ASCII control characters such as CR, LF etc … Its main use is in logistics and packaging environments.

Examples of different barcodes

In the following image you can see a collection of different barcodes and visually appreciate the differences between them

Barcode generator example