QR Codes in restaurants. QR code with PDF menu

QR Codes in Restaurants During COVID-19

The use of QR codes in restaurants is NOT a novelty. However, given the complicated situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, it seems as though we have to reinvent the wheel every day.

The new paradigm generated by the Coronavirus has no doubt made us think about those little “things” surrounding us that we now seem to have rediscovered.

Little things like the chirping of birds, walks in nature, a cold beer, the importance of a hug or those quaint little squares full of dots that seem to attract more attention now than before. 馃槈

And I mention this because in my tireless search for news about QR codes, I found a news item that highlighted the use of QR to integrate menus in restaurants by means of QR codes.

Use of QR Codes in Restaurants

In my modest opinion, one of the issues small businesses have yet to address in full is knowing how to take advantage of technology, the Internet and social media, something that has been done by platforms that now dominate virtually all online business (no need to give names).

So now, in the midst of the global health and economic emergency caused by COVID-19, it is time to “reinvent” ourselves quickly and adapt to the new reality.

It鈥檚 been over 9 years since this post by Diego Coquillat proposing 15 uses of QR Codes in restaurants:

  • QR with acces sto the restaurant鈥檚 menu
  • Vcard with contact information
  • QR for connecting to the restaurant鈥檚 WIFI
  • QR codes for displaying the nutritional information of dishes or for more information on the food content
  • Link via QR to information about wines
  • Discount coupon promotions
  • etc.

I can assure you (because I鈥檓 obsessed with QRs) that I have not seen very many QRs in restaurants in recent years (except in large chains or establishments).
On the contrary, the paper menu is still in force, with extra pages added to include the chef’s suggestions, handwritten and photocopied sheets of the daily menu, in the best of cases. In other cases, one might find nothing but slips of paper from the order pad. All of which is so endearing…

QR Codes with the Restaurant鈥檚 Digital Menu

Now, however, necessity dictates. At least in Spain the reopening of bars and restaurants is already a fact almost in the whole territory under the current phase of COVID-19 deconfinement.

QR Code with PDF menu for restaurants. An easy solutions for COVID-19

The measures and conditions that establishments must take are important in order to maintain safe distances and minimize the risk of contagion.

As a result, it is more important than ever to have systems in place to reduce the chances of contagion. Keeping distances, paying with QR or without contact to avoid cash payment or to minimize the handling of cards and physical menus around the tables.

Advantages of Pdf Menus with QR

  • Menu contents can be updated without changing the QR
  • Ability to provide a complete menu with extensive descriptions and photos
  • Different formats supported (PDF, jpeg, etc.)
  • Ensures social distancing
  • Avoids physical contact with objects
  • Menu can be shown in greater detail, photos and descriptions

How to Create Your QR Code with PDF Menus

You can opt for a “do-it-yourself” solution, i.e. find a repository on the Internet where you can store the PDFs of the menus and then create your QR code with our generator.

The other alternative is to use the services of platforms that already have the tools to make your menu available online in a matter of minutes.

If you run a bar, restaurant, cafe or any other type of catering establishment you can try out the uQR.me solution for free. Not only will you have your menu online, you will also have advanced QR readout statistics and many other features.

Creat your free QR Code for restaurant

Let me know about your experience! I’m looking forward to enjoying those little things again, like a tapa with a beer for instance.

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