Datamatrix Generator


Fill in the form of the Datamatrix Generator. In case of doubt follow the attached instructions and tips.

Instructions for using the Datamatrix generator

  • Use the data field to enter the numeric or alphanumeric information to be encoded.
  • Press the button – GENERATE DATAMATRIX CODE –
  • Download the generated code or use the copy / paste option to use the generated barcode.

About the DATAMATRIX codes

Datamatrix codes, like QR codes, are a two-dimensional or 2D barcodes that are characterized by their ability to encode a large amount of alphanumeric information of variable size.

They are easily identifiable as they are square, and all the cells (pixels) black or white are framed within the box delimited by lines in the form of -L-.

These 2D codes offer high reading reliability due to its redundant information capacity, it allows to read codes with damaged information up to 30%.

Another important feature is that they allow to be readed in low contrast conditions.

Datamatrix codes allow coding up to 3116 ASCII characters. Depending on the number of characters, the size of the code increases forming dividing the code into several square matrix as can be seen in the following images.

Datamatrix code. Sample Datamatrix generator. Free generator without sign-up. No limitations for comercial usesDatamatrix Code

Applications of Datamatrix codes

The most frequent uses of this type of two-dimensional codes can be found in the industrial sector, due to the possibility of direct marking on parts and / or components in applications of quality control, traceability and identification.

This direct marking on pieces can be done by:

  • Micropercussion (engraving)
  • Laser marking
  • Ink printing systems

We can also find the datamatrix codes in electronic components, both consumer and industrial sectors, such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and consumer electronics in general.

The characteristic of the datamatrix codes of measuring a few square centimeters makes it a very reialble system of identification.

Reading of Datamatrix codes

In the industrial sector or in commerce, the most common is the use of specific devices for reading bar codes, such as:

  • CCD readers
  • Laser Readers
  • Scanners
  • Portable terminals

For private use we can find apps for specific mobile devices with datamatrix readers capabilities .Lot of QR code readers also have ability to read datamatrix codes