Datamatrix Generator

Fill in the form of the Datamatrix Generator. In case of doubt follow the attached instructions and tips.

Instructions for using the Datamatrix generator

  • Use the data field to enter the numeric or alphanumeric information to be encoded.
  • Press the button – GENERATE DATAMATRIX CODE –
  • Download the generated code or use the copy / paste option to use the generated barcode.

About the DATAMATRIX codes

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QR code readers

To read a QR code, you must have a reader installed in the terminal from which you can perform the reading.

The terminal must have logically from camera, as readers made ​​the capture using camera terminal.

There are currently many QR readers for major manufacturers of terminals and systems, all of them free and ofering good user experience.

In the following list we have compiled the most popularLeer más

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